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Choledochlithiasis is a relatively common presentation, and occurs when a gallstone becomes lodged in the extrahepatic bile ducts causing obstruction resulting in pain and abnormal liver function tests. Common hepatic duct | Radiology Reference Article | The common hepatic duct (CHD) is formed by the junction of the right and left hepatic ducts. It joins the cystic duct to form the common bile duct (CBD). It is approximately 4 cm long and 4 mm in diameter. Together with the cystic duct (lateral Bladder calculus | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

The common bile duct (CBD), which is sometimes simply known as the bile duct, is formed by the union of the cystic duct and common hepatic duct (CHD).

From the Department of Radiology, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Asarwa, Ahmedabad - a normal size CBD, and a large stone in the neck of the. May 25, 2017 Category: Radiology & Imaging, Mistakes in. of admission will be normal or underestimate the degree of pancreatic necrosis (Figure 1), Occasionally, obstructing common bile duct (CBD) stones can be seen, although,  Jan 28, 2015 His routine blood and urine investigations were within normal limits. There was dilatation of the common bile duct (CBD) and common 

A list of normal radiological reference values is as follows: adrenal gland: <1 cm thick, 4-6 cm length aorta: <3 cm diameter appendix: on CT <6 mm caliber 

Pancreatic metastases are uncommon and are only found in a minority (3-12%) of patients with widespread metastatic disease at autopsy. They account for only 2-5% of all pancreatic malignancies. Epidemiology Demographics will match those of the MR Imaging and CT of the Biliary Tract | RadioGraphics The normal common bile duct (CBD) and common hepatic duct (CHD) are generally less than 7 mm in diameter and show an imperceptible or faintly visible wall at MR imaging and CT. Pediatric Radiology Normal Measurements | OHSU

Jul 25, 2012 This was done by one specialist of diagnostic radiology using a The normal range of the CBD diameter was defined to be less than 6 mm; 

The CBD traverses through the head of the pancreas entering the duodenum at the Ampulla of Vater through the Sphyncter of Oddi. Prior to draining into the duodenum the CBD is joined by the pancreatic duct. Bile duct dilatation (differential) - Radiopaedia It is common practice to refer to the common hepatic/bile duct as the common duct when reporting ultrasound, as the confluence of the cystic duct with the CHD to form the CBD is often not clearly defined. Normal MRCP | Radiology Case | Radiopaedia.org